100 Angels

by J. Avarez

They came on January 10th, 2056. The sound of them ripping through the sky was the first signal for most. It was like hearing a blast of dynamite in my ear. It woke us all from our beds, and it scared the living shit out of me.

It didn’t take long for people to step out their homes and point toward the clouds. Littered across the orange dawn sky, we saw their ships for the first time. They looked like black, metallic crescent moons, with two massive white lights on the underside. Hundreds of them arrived and started to set our cities on fire. I’m from a small town in New Jersey, my fellow survivors say I’m lucky for that. The crescent airships seemed to target the major cities, they say New York City burned in fire for two fucking months!

There was no response from the government. I would have thought that’s what the Illuminati was for, surely some past president had captured a little grey alien already. I thought they’d communicate and tell them to leave. Then the power went out, after that the riots started. No cops meant the killers were free to do what they wanted. When I saw my father get shot in the head from my bedroom window, I knew the world was over.

It’s been four years since those ships came. I thought we’d be kissing their feet and calling them our supreme masters. But guess what? Those murderous bastards are still here. They came and demanded nothing. They destroyed our world just to watch us silently in the sky. I used to love a clear, sunny day, now I hate it with a passion. When the clouds go away is when you can spot them the best. Seeing their crescent shaped ships float perfectly in the sky was unnerving. Why the hell were they here? I just didn’t get it at all.

Who conquers a kingdom and doesn’t sit on the throne?

J. Avarez is a newbie Fantasy writer from New York City. He’s a huge lover of all things anime and fantasy. And yes, he too went nuts when he saw Marvel’s “Infinity War” trailer! Follow him on Twitter: @Avarezbooks

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