January 2019: “Peace & Quiet” Call For Submissions

“I like my peace and quiet whenever I can grab it.”
– Wole Soyinka

Share your original flash fiction, non-fiction, or poetry piece that fits our theme by Sunday, January 27 for a chance to be included in our publications that week.

Be sure to send in your work via our Submissions page!

Here’s a word list to prompt some inspiration – try writing a 250-500 word description or stream of consciousness for each one, then go back and expand on an idea that stands out to you the most:

The Meditation
The Reflection
The Truce
The Still
The Calm

Life Path

by Inkibitz

My thoughts meander down paths like game trails through the thick green forest boughs. Dark shadows add softness and contrast to dappled meadows and sunlit streams. I search through the mysteries of ideas based on my history of experience.

I push aside the tall grass of unfounded belief and step out boldly onto firm rock cliffs of the faith that I know. In my mind I see, and in my heart feel, what I will find at the end of my wandering ways, but my joy is the journey I take.

Inkibitz is a published poet and short storyist who writes children’s books, and YA Fiction with an occasional nonfiction essay thrown in. Inkibitz enjoys writing that gets to the point and says what it has to say without beating around the bush with a lot of words.